Sample Menu

Here is an example of a week of Fit Organix organic meal delivery. Macronutrients are custom-tailored and provided to you in our daily menu email. Visit any of our social media channels for our daily photo gallery.


Breakfast:  Egg + Veggie Frittata

Lunch:  Turkey + Kale Lasagna + Steamed Asparagus

Dinner:  Salmon Cakes + Carrot Fries + Cauliflower Au Gratin 

Snack: Fit Organix Power Balls


Breakfast:  Vegan High Protein Pancake Roll + Almond Butter + Fruit Preserves

Lunch:  Fully Loaded Apple Beet Salad + Marinated Turkey Medallions

Dinner:  Grilled Marinated Flank Steak + Balsamic Roasted Mushroooms + Grilled Peppers

Snack:  Fresh Cut Veggie Sticks + Beet Hummus


Breakfast:  Mexican Eggs + Chilli Roasted Sweet Potatoes + Guacamole

Lunch:  Vegan Green Thai Curry + Brown Basmati Rice

Dinner:  Jerk Spice Beef Meatloaf + Raw Carrot & Mint Slaw + Steamed Broccoli

Snack:  Fit Organix Paleo Balls


Breakfast:  Fruit & Veggie High Protein Breakfast Cookies + Vanilla Coconut Yogurt

Lunch:  Spicy Singapore Noodles + Stir Fried Veggies + Chicken + Roasted Cashews

Dinner:  Wild Caught Haddock + Slivered Almonds + Steamed Lemon Thyme Beans + Nutmeg Roasted Squash

Snack:  Green Goddess Soup


Breakfast:  Breakfast Sandwich + House Made Mushroom Bacon + Spicy Hummus + Micro Greens

Lunch:  Buddha Bowl + Roasted Veggies + Cherry Tomatoes + Sunflower Seeds + Avocado

Dinner:  Blackened Chicken Cesar Salad + Cashew Parmesan Cheese

Snack:  Chocolate Avocado Pudding