Chakra Mala Crystal Intention Bracelet

Chakra Mala Crystal Intention Bracelet

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Wood Grain Jasper Chakra Bracelet

Chakras are energy systems within, and outside our bodies. ✨ 

They have been with us a very, very long time. 

Some might even say they're the new DNA!  (Actually, they're the really old DNA)... 

Balancing your chakras' energy is vital to emotional, physical and spiritual health. 

Our crystal intention bracelets can serve as a reminder of the seven chakras within our Earthly bodies. 

Create a daily intention for each chakra to stay open to lightness, awakened to possibility and connected to the divinity that lives in you.

✨ Single Bracelet $27

Fits 5.5" - 6.2" wrist, 6mm beads double stranded stretch cord.

wood grain jasper+ruby in zoisite+chrysocholla+aquamarine+green aventurine+sunstone+carnelian+red river agate

*custom work & wholesale available - email