Crystal Mala Intention Bracelet

Crystal Mala Intention Bracelet

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Labradorite and Moonstone Crystal Bracelet

This Labradorite and Moonstone Intention Bracelet is made of 8mm crystals for a bolder, stronger look. 
Labradorite and Moonstone are both feldspar minerals and stones of transformation. 
Labradorite offers stability in times of great change, and offers the gift of intuition and - more importantly - it imparts trust in ones own intuition. 
Labradorite can bring attention to synchronicity and serendipity to those "coincidences" around us that will illuminate the path we should be following. 
Moonstone is also a stone of transformation with an emphasis on the hidden side of our psyche. 
Like the moon itself, the powerful draw of our ego can interrupt our own life's true path by our second-guessing and mistrust of ourselves. 
Moonstone calmly redirects us from impatience and frustration, shining a new light when we change our perspective. 

Our crystal Intention Bracelets can serve as a reminder of changes you'd like to make or as a tool for meditation. 

✨ Single Bracelet $27

Fits 5.5" - 6.2" wrist, 8mm beads double stranded stretch cord.

*custom work & wholesale available - email