3-day Fit Organix Cleanse - October 10-12 (Pickup)

3-day Fit Organix Cleanse - October 10-12 (Pickup)

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Worried about a Thanksgiving hangover? Relax & enjoy your Thanksgiving and then get back on track with our 3 day Cleanse! October 10-12, 2017

What will you get?

A delicious, carefully balanced vegan menu with our Chakra shakes, raw foods, grain free goodness, healthy fats & vegan proteins!

How much food will you get?

Per day, you will get:

  • Three 12 oz Chakra Shakes
  • One 32oz Detox Bowl
  • One 32oz delicious soup, such as spicy Thai coconut soup, modern-day Borscht with mixed greens, hearty Minestrone, spicy lentil & root veggie soup.
  • One Vibe Kombucha tea

 You will NOT feel hungry or deprived on this Nutritionist-Approved program! Pick up is just $70/day in store.