Hamsa Mala Crystal Intention Bracelet

Hamsa Mala Crystal Intention Bracelet

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Amethyst - White Tridacna Hamsa Bracelet

The Hamsa is a sacred symbol of the hand of God, and carries significance in many cultures and religions. ✨ 

The five fingers of the hand are powerfully symbolic when taken into mudras - or hand symbols intended to direct energy flow, or prana. 🙏🏻 .

Because of this, the Hamsa is also used as a powerful sign of power, strength and protection. ☀ 

We made these Hamsa intention bracelets as a reminder of our intention towards personal power, inner strength and protection against negative forces - either from within or from others. 

The "evil eye" cast upon us is often from our own false belief systems, and "bad luck" can just be lessons in disguise on the road to something better. 

Since the Hamsa means something a little different to everyone, we'd love to make you one of your very own. 

amethyst - self love, addiction pattern management

white tridacna - protective, soothing

✨ Single Bracelet $25

Fits 5.5" - 6" wrist, 6mm beads double stranded stretch cord.