About Us

“As some of you may know, I was a successful fitness trainer in the city for years. As far as clients go, I couldn't have chosen better people to work for and with. Always wanting to go that extra mile for my clients, I soon noticed that despite their efforts in the gym, their eating habits were the greatest challenge we faced. 

I created the Fit Organix daily meal delivery system and started a line of Fit Organix products that are free of gluten, dairy, soy, corn and peanuts, unprocessed and without additives or preservatives. When your body does not have to process allergenic ingredients, your levels of inflammation are greatly reduced. With less inflammation, nutrients are absorbed better and your body is able to function optimally. 

In addition to food and physical activity, at Fit Organix we believe in lowering inflammation in all areas of one’s life. We stand behind a philosophy of respecting our bodies, and our minds, and both are of equal importance.

Yoga, meditation, journaling, and intention setting are some of many methods we employ as a means to a more mindful existence.  We have rooted ourselves in a healing community that also includes Reiki practitioners and energy healers, but we still have strong ties to the vast fitness community that we came from.

With this balanced approach, we hope to bring our gifts of healing and health to as many people as possible, through delicious and healing foods.

Jules Lieff
Fit OrganiX