I paid online, now when will I get my food?

The deadline for meals on Mondays is noon, the on Friday prior.

If you pay by Friday noon, that gives us ample time to contact you and clarify any delivery details or food preferences, especially if you are a new client.

The rest of the week, we are always making super-fresh food, so if you contact us by noon, we can usually get you on the list for the next day!

Do I have to be home when the meals arrive?

All of our meals are delivered daily, between 4-7am.  It is not necessary that you are home - we will not knock or wake you up!

It is necessary, though, that you provide us with any delivery details on your questionnaire so that we can leave your meal bag in a secure place - a doorstep, or with a concierge.  We cannot be responsible for meal bags left unattended.

How do I choose my menu?

You don't have to!  We choose the menu items - based on seasonal foods, food trends, and based on YOUR requests! When we had a drop-down menu that our clients could choose from, it tied us to only being able to have certain food items.

With our unique "Chef's Choice" menu, our kitchen can produce dynamic and interesting meals using a vast array of foods, thereby diversifying your nutrient portfolio and keeping you healthier long-term.

If you see something on our social media channels you'd like to have pop up in the menu again - let us know!

If you want a recipe makeover for one of your favourite foods - let us know - we love to try new things.

What do I do with the thermal bags and ice packs?

We know the thermal bags are cute.  We also know we need them to keep your food fresh, and to keep our company eco-friendly!  Please be sure to return them nightly, leave them out for our drivers to collect.  All new and returning clients will be billed a thermal bag deposit fee of $50.  If you are missing bags at the end of your term, you will forfeit your deposit.

Can I put my meals on hold or cancel my deliveries? 

Of course!  We understand busy people need fluidity in their schedules.  All of our meals are made fresh, so we don't need much advance notice at all!

We simply ask as a courtesy that if you need to cancel meal deliveries, that you cancel by noon the day before you want your meals to be held.

Are the meals customized?

YES - when you fill out a questionnaire, we look at the info you provide and we can customize your calories, fat, carbohydrates and protein according to your personal fitness goals.

If you have further allergies, requests or special dietary needs beyond what we already provide, you can email us to discuss.  Extra charges will apply.

What if I live far away?

Email us for a quote or delivery schedule to your location, and we will work with you to find a solution.

You can also find our delivery zones in the "How It Works" section of the website for a delivery schedule and fees associated to your exact location.