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Fit Organix Cookie Dough

Vegan ∙ Gluten Free ∙ Dairy Free ∙ Corn Free ∙ Peanut Free ∙ Soy Free ∙ Non-GMO ∙ Fresh not Frozen

How It Works

Tell Us About You

Contact us. Complete our questionnaire to help us get to know you. Share with us any food allergies, dietary restrictions, fitness and lifestyle goals. 

Choose Your Menu Plan

Choose the menu plan that fits you best. Select from our regular Fit Organix plan or our Vegan meal delivery plan. For a more customized plan such as keto, low FODMAP, AIP, and many others, contact us .

Arrange Your Deliveries

We deliver DAILY (Monday - Friday), between 4am - 7am, to your home, condo or office. Simply confirm your address and delivery details with us and you're good to go! Don't forget to tell us what date you want to start!


Eat & enjoy your delicious, nutrient dense, organic food made fresh for you daily!

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Fresh Organic Food Daily

Always Low Inflammation & Allergy Free Eating 

Gluten Free ∙ Dairy Free ∙ Soy Free 

Peanut Free ∙ Corn Free ∙ Non-GMO