Fit Organix Delivery Menu | June 21 - June 25, 2021

  1. Fit Organix Delivery Menu for June 21 - June 25 2021
Breakfast  Lunch Dinner Snack

vegan breakfast hash: spicy lentil sausage served with roasted parsnips, and mixed sauteed greens 

grilled flank steak with lemon - asparagus brown rice risotto 

rainbow salad with chicken or vegan with falafels 


vegan snickerdoodle muffins (made with quinoa flour)



vegan coconut yogurt parfaits served with house made granola, fresh fruit and coconut yogurt  

chicken fingers + honey dijon dipping sauce with baked sweet potato fries and steamed broccoli 

*vegan menu - egg plant fingers  with marinara sauce


"butter" chicken or vegan curry with garam masala cauliflower rice 


almond butter thumbprint cookies + blueberry fruit spread 

egg + veggie frittata served with spicy ketchup


*vegan menu*

iranian bean stew with turmeric and dill 


chinese waldorf salad with grain free noodles, water chestnuts, celery, purple  cabbage, red pepper in house made sesame dressing 

turkey or vegan shepherd's pie served with steamed broccoli   

Fit Organix Power Balls 


Thursday vegan or traditional french toast bake with walnuts and raspberry - served with vanilla coconut sauce 


BBQ salmon and rainbow rice salad 

detox salad + chicken

a blend of gently pickled raw, cauliflower and broccoli served over romaine lettuce with hemp hearts, raisins and our house made detox salad dressing 

no sugar, no salt added chocolate cherry trail mix  
Friday scrambled eggs + avocado hollandaise sauce + roasted baby potato + onion



grain free ramen soup + chicken or vegan with magic mushrooms 


jerk spice meatloaf + mixed sauteed greens + spicy carrot fries  

raspberry date squares