Fit Organix Delivery Menu | September 13 - 17 2021

  1. Fit Organix Delivery Menu for September 13 - 17  2021
  Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack
Monday Vegan high protein breakfast cookies with vanilla coconut sauce.

grain-free + vegan quesadillas with cilantro, lime cauliflower rice and fresh salsa + quacamole

*keto menu: chicken quesadillas

jerk spice salmon

gently steamed broccoli + green beans + roasted garlic cauliflower

*vegan menu: vegan pinto bean wraps

*keto friendly

grain free and vegan broccoli + 'cheeze' soup

*keto friendly


chopped egg salad


vegan chickpea smash

chopped egg salad is keto friendly

grain-free, Mexican minestrone soup 

vegan or with lean beef

*keto menu: stuffed chicken + green veggies  

lazy cabbage rolls - lean, ground turkey breast, braised red cabbage, kale, toasted fennel, served with dill-tomato sauce


roasted beets + sauteed mixed greens

*vegan menu: beet loaf with sauteed greens

*keto menu: meatloaf served with mixed veggie medley

vegan cherry walnut poundcake 


breakfast sandwiches served with egg, dairy-free gouda, spinach + house-made mushroom 'bacon'

vegan menu: vegan breakfast sandwich with red pepper chickpea patty

ramen soup with grain-free noodles, braised napa cabbage, arugula, cremini mushrooms

*vegan with magical mushrooms regular menu with lime + ginger chicken

*keto menu: no noodles for you

massaged kale salad with spice rub chicken, roasted pistachios, shredded carrot and dried cranberry

*vegan menu + chickpeas

*keto menu: no dried cranberry for you

blackforest trail mix with dried cherries + dark chocolate chunks

roasted apple + cinnamon slow cooked, steel cut oats w/ maple + pecans

baked chicken fingers


vegan eggplant sticks


baked sweet potato fries


balsamic roasted zucchini

*keto menu: chicken fingers and mixed veggie medley 

rainbow chicken salad with arugula, pickled red peppers, cucumber, shredded red cabbage + carrot, dairy-free smoked gouda

*vegan menu: served with black beans

*keto friendly

grain-free, vegan banana bread with walnuts

baghali ghatogh - slow cooked lima beans in turmeric coconut broth with fresh dill eggs and garlic 

 vegan or with egg

grilled salmon burgers on quinoa wraps served with fresh dill tartar sauce cole slaw 

*vegan menu: black bean burgers

*keto menu: green thai curry with chicke served over cauliflower rice

End of Summertime Salad:

gently steamed asparagus with lemon zest and cashew cheese served over crisp romaine lettuce and arugula, served with in house made lemon pepper dressing and toasted pecans

*regular & keto menu: served with marinated turkey

*vegan menu: served with seasoned lima beans 

vegan Power Balls, brown rice crisps, roasted almonds, pumkin seeds, almond butter + vegan dark chocolate chips