Fit Organix Delivery Menu | September 26 - September 30, 2022

    1. Fit Organix Delivery Menu for September 26 ~ September 30, 2022
    • macros are not included in this menu, as they are calculated on an individual basis
        Breakfast Lunch Dinner Snack
      Monday chakra shake smoothies - blended almond milk, cold pressed juice + fruits

      vegan shawarma boxes - fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, roasted cauliflower, chickpeas + pickled turnip on a bed of romaine and seasoned quinoa, served with house made garlic dressing + hot sauce

      almond crusted haddock + veggie medley of roasted Brussels sprouts, broccoli + watermelon radish

      *vegan option - pinto bean + sundried tomato wraps

      vegan green pea & potato samosas + house made chutney

      scrambled eggs + millet cakes

      *vegan option: cauliflower wings

      grilled flank steak + garlic smashed potatoes + gently steamed green beans + broccoli

      *vegan option: baked mushroom croquettes


      classic caesar salad + chicken - fresh cut tomatoes, shredded carrot, turkey bacon, served with house made dressing + vegan parmesan 'cheese'

      *vegan option: chick peas w/ mushroom 'bacon'

      gluten-free, vegan hemp heart cookies

      gluten-free, grain free waffles + fresh berries + maple vanilla 'creme'

      burrito boxes + turkey - sauteed onions + peppers, fresh cut tomatoes, black beans, green onion + pickled jalapenos served with brown basmati rice, romaine lettuce, guacamole + salsa

      *vegan option: walnut taco meat

      jerk spice beef meatloaf + cauliflower rice + peas

      *vegan option:

      vegan loaf


      fresh cut veggies + dip - roasted red pepper hummus dip


      grilled breakfast sandwiches

      seasoned egg, turkey bacon, spinach on gluten-free bread

      *vegan option - vegan 'sausage' + mushroom 'bacon'

      harvest salad + roast, marinated turkey breast

      roasted butternut squash, fresh cut tomatoes, shredded carrot, mandarin orange, roasted pumpkin seeds + house made dressing

      *vegan option: chick peas

      turkey Shepard's pie + roasted cauliflower + roasted carrot fries

      *vegan option:

      vegan Shepard's pie 

      fresh chopped pineapple + hemp hearts 
      Friday apple cinnamon slow cooked oats + roasted pecans

      Cowboy's dinner + chicken

      slow cooked baked beans, seasoned, wild rice + brown basmati rice, sauteed mixed greens + spice rubbed chicken

      *vegan option: spicy vegan 'sausage'

      Bollywood detox bowl

      roasted carrot frites, sauteed cabbage, hot pepper rings served with seasoned cauliflower rice + lentils & house made, vindaloo dressing

      Fit Organix power balls

      a grown-up rice crispy treat with gluten free brown rice crisps, almond butter, roasted almonds, pumpkin seeds, a punch of cinnamon + a dash of vanilla