This Week's Menu | April 19 - 23, 2021

Fit Organix Menu for April 19 - 23, 2021

Breakfast  Lunch Dinner Snack


raspberry + walnut french toast bake

turkey shepard's pie or vegan shepard's pie


steamed broccoli

 cobb salad  w/turkey or vegan 

+ cashew “bleu” cheese + avocado dressing 

lemon + blueberry muffins + sunflower butter
Tuesday vegan coconut yogurt parfaits with fresh chopped fruit + house-made granola

mexican minestrone soup

vegan or w/ lean flank steak

almond crusted haddock + or vegan wraps + steamed green beans + roasted french carrots old fashioned date squares

breakfast sandwich ( w/egg 

or vegan with red pepper patties) 

lazy cabbage roll turkey meatloaf

or vegan beet loaf


baked sweet potato fries

steamed asparagus


massaged kale salad + chicken 

or vegan protein

Fit Organix power balls w/ roasted almonds, pumpkin seeds + dairy free chocolate chips (no refined sugars)
Thursday vegan apple oat bake + vegan caramel sauce

jerk spice salmon or falafels

+ mushroom brown basmati risotto w/ lemon + asparagus

“butter”chicken or vegan curry + cauliflower rice + fresh cilantro 

roasted carrot + ginger soup



breakfast pizzas (quinoa thin crust, marinara sauce, vegan cheese  shreds)
vegan walnut + lentil loaf + garlic smashed potatoes + roasted cauliflower


rainbow salads (romaine, arugula, shredded  carrot, pickled roasted red pepper, cucumbers, vegan smoked gouda cheeze)

+ chicken

or vegan protein

raspberry bliss bars