This Week's Menu | Feb 22-26, 2021

Fit Organix Menu for February 22 - 26, 2021

Breakfast  Lunch Dinner Snack
Monday scrambled eggs + turkey sausage or vegan scramble + lentil 'sausage'


vegan taco salads with walnut taco 'meat'


lime ginger chicken stir fry + mexican cauliflower rice

flawless gluten free + dairy free  blueberry muffins


Tuesday vegan coconut yogurt parfaits + mixed fruit + house-made granola chicken fingers + sweet potato fries + roasted balsamic zucchini

jerk spice salmon


black bean veggie burgers 

+ steamed garlic + herb green beans

+ roasted rosemary thyme beets

roasted carrot + ginger soup
Wednesday grain free breakfast pizzas -  vegan or with egg

grain free ramen soup 


or with lime + ginger chicken

lazy cabbage roll turkey meatloaf

+ roasted carrot fries + broccoli

baked apple crisp
Thursday vegan  pancake rolls w/ almond butter + raspberry fruit spread

marinated turkey medallions or vegan lentil loaf

+ garlic 'n herb smashed potatoes + roasted balsamic brussel sprouts

vegan cesar salad with housemade mushroom 'bacon'

or chicken cesar salad

power balls with roasted almonds + pumpkin seeds + dairy free chocolate chips (brown rice syrup sweetened)
Friday everything bagels + vegan cream 'cheese' + sauerkraut salad

vegan 'sausage' + pepper pasta

vegan massaged kale salad


+ spice rub chicken

chocolate zucchini 'nutella' cakes